Our focus is on being close to you

Social Responsibility

Our focus is on being close to you

We are a Portuguese brand from the GRUPO DS, with 18 years experience and more than 540 shops nationwide.

Social Responsibility
Social Responsibility At GRUPO DS, social responsibility is a fundamental concern.
DS IMBOBILIÁRIA believes that the development of society goes beyond the construction of property; it involves building solid and sustainable relationships with the internal and external public.

The property sector plays an important role in shaping and transforming cities. That's why we take on the responsibility of ensuring that each development we undertake fulfils both housing needs and promotes inclusion, justice, sustainability and social development.

Our Social Responsibility initiatives include:

Housing Inclusion: We believe that access to a home is a fundamental right for all of us and, for this reason, we look for projects that serve different social classes, promoting diversity and social inclusion.

Environmental Sustainability: We are committed to integrating sustainable practices to minimise environmental impact.

Business Ethics: We promote and value an organisational culture that respects ethical principles: honesty, transparency and fairness in all operations.

When you choose DS IMOBILIÁRIA you are not just purchasing a new property, you are becoming part of a movement dedicated to creating a stronger, more inclusive and sustainable society.

DS IMOBILIÁRIA is committed to Social Responsibility and to constantly seeking ways to contribute to the well-being of the societies in which it operates.


The DS GROUP, respectively DS IMOBILIÁRIA and the other brands, has joined forces with the Sara Carreira Association, thus becoming one of the association's main sponsors.

On 24 February 2023, a collaboration protocol was signed, in which GRUPO DS donated 100,000 euros, in order to support the association led by Tony Carreira, whose purpose is to help children and young people with few resources to realise many of their dreams, supporting them in continuing their education and providing them with a better future.

Credibility, family values, commitment and the belief that education is the key to building a fairer and more equitable future are the fundamental principles that make up the Sara Carreira Association.

Paulo Abrantes, Founder and Managing Director of GRUPO DS and DS IMOBILIÁRIA, recognises that the Sara Carreira Association shares many of GRUPO DS's essential values and that together they contribute to a better and fairer world, driving the development and growth of a prosperous society.